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The Ananda Gandharvas

Who are the Ananda Gandharvas?


The Gandharvas Peace Day ConcertThe Ananda Gandharvas are a group of musicians, singers and songwriters from Ananda Ashrama in La Crescenta, California. The actual members and number of musicians may vary from time to time but the Ananda Gandharvas came into being when the Jizo Peace Center asked one of the musicians to organize and lead the music for the First Annual Veteran's Day Peace Chant at the Yoga Kingdom Sanctuary in Pasadena.

Since this was not officially an Ananda Ashrama Choir function we chose a name to represent our little peace band. "Ananda Gandharvas" are Sanskrit words that loosely mean "celestial singers of bliss." Something we strive for!

We have since released two CD's which can be found in our Music Store.

The Ananda Gandharvas will accept engagements and record cd's as they are inspiried to, for the purpose of promoting peace, healing, and higher consciousness on our beautiful planet.




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